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Title IX Day

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The future sports champions of the world enjoyed the spotlight on the lawns of Getty House this summer, showing off their weightlifting, cycling, and kickboxing skills for the City of Los Angeles.

Mayor Eric Garcetti, First Lady Amy Elaine Wakeland, and the Getty House Foundation Board of Directors hosted their annual Title IX Day, featuring guest speakers and sports clinics for young women. The event celebrates the landmark legislation that ended gender discrimination in public education and established federal assistance for women’s sports programs.

The Mayor and the First Lady spoke to 200 middle school girls from across Los Angeles about the importance of participating in sports and the many ways Title IX has advanced women’s rights. They encouraged the girls to join sports programs available across the city through the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks. Allison Compton, a Paralympian, spoke to the girls about her experience as an athlete and her resilience in pushing through adversity in the sports world.

As Los Angeles prepares to host the Olympics in 2028, there’s no better time than the present to start investing in our city’s future Olympians. Through Title IX Day and expanded opportunities at the city’s parks and recreation centers, the girls and women of Los Angeles will be more equipped than ever to compete with the world’s best athletes.

Ready LA: Earthquake Preparedness and Resilience

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The Garcetti Administration wants Angelenos to know: when the next earthquake hits, we have your back.  

Mayor Eric Garcetti, along with First Lady Amy Elaine Wakeland and the Getty House Foundation Board of Directors, invited guests to an event to highlight the Garcetti Administration’s accomplishments in advancing the City’s earthquake resiliency strategy, as well as the City’s work to keep Angelenos as safe as possible during L.A.’s next major earthquake.

Guests were invited to tour a mini expo on the grounds of Getty House, featuring exhibitions on earthquake protection by the City’s Emergency Management Department, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the Red Cross. A high-intensity earthquake simulator allowed guests to experience what the actual tremors of a big earthquake would feel like.

Distinguished guests Dr. Lucy Jones and Dr. Ken Hudnut of the U.S. Geological Survey joined the Mayor to discuss how Los Angeles is leading the nation in earthquake preparedness. Mayor Garcetti announced another successful public-private partnership with the Annenberg Foundation, which generously committed $250,000 as seed funding for an “earthquake early warning” phone application, as well as an education campaign on earthquake preparedness for underserved communities in Los Angeles.