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Women’s Equality Day 2019

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It’s been 99 years since our nation officially gave women a voice at the ballot box, and a vote in our democracy. But when the Getty House Foundation celebrates Women’s Equality Day, we’re doing more than marking an anniversary. We’re showing Los Angeles just how far we’ve come in building a more just and inclusive city, while recommitting ourselves to keeping the fight for equality alive, and doing everything we can to empower the women and girls leading L.A. Today, we were proud to join Mayor Eric Garcetti and First Lady Amy Elaine Wakeland to honor some of the women who are living reminders of this legacy — breaking new ground in their industries, and paving the way for the next generation to follow in their footsteps.


  • Councilmember Nury Martinez, first Latina to hold a leadership position on the L.A. City Council, and first to hold the position of President Pro-Tempore;
  • Chief of Staff to Mayor Garcetti Ana Guerrero, first Latina to serve as Chief of Staff to the mayor of a big city in the United States;
  • Ambassador Nina Hachigian, the first U.S. Ambassador to serve as Deputy Mayor in Los Angeles, and the first Deputy Mayor of International Affairs in L.A.’s history;
  • Denise Verret, the first woman and African American to become general manager of an accredited zoo in the nation;
  • Cat Packer, L.A.’s first City Cannabis Director, the first African American and LGBTQ woman to serve as a General Manager in L.A., and the youngest General Manager appointed by the Garcetti Administration;
  • Norma Isahakian, the first woman to run L.A.’s Bureau of Street Services;
  • Rachel Malarich, L.A.’s first City Forest Officer;
  • Regina Scott, the first African American woman to hold the rank of Deputy Chief of the LAPD’s Central Bureau, and the first to be named Commander in 2011; and
  • Kristin Crowley, L.A.’s first female LAFD Fire Marshall.



Engage L.A.: Innovations in Supportive Housing

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At every Engage L.A., we challenge ourselves to answer one simple question: how can we make lasting change? Through this series we’ve tackled everything from domestic violence to community college, and vocational training to volunteerism. But today, we know there is one crisis that demands our most immediate attention, and our most urgent solutions: homelessness. 

That’s why this month, Getty House Foundation convened affordable housing industry leaders, developers, architects, and scholars to talk with Mayor Eric Garcetti about some of the innovative work being done to bring homeless Angelenos indoors. This conversation comes as the City prepares to roll out the Prop HHH Housing Challenge — a program that will fund innovative production and financial models that can quickly bring the housing we need to the crisis on our streets. “Without a doubt, it’s going to take every ounce of our collective energy, resources, and compassion to turn the tide,” said First Lady Amy Elaine Wakeland. “But this work is not for the faint of heart — and I absolutely know that Angelenos are not faint-hearted.”

While the City is ramping up its investments across the board — including the creation of the Mayor’s brand-new Office of Homelessness Initiatives and its dedicated Housing Team — the purpose of Engage L.A. is to invite Angelenos like yourselves to join us in this fight. Go to to learn more about how you can help us make lasting change, today.

Panelists and Speakers

  • Carole Galante, Faculty Director, Terner Center for Housing Innovation at UC Berkeley
  • Audrey Handelman, Senior Associate, Gensler
  • Monique King-Viehland, Executive Director, Los Angeles Community Development Commission/Housing Authority of the County of L.A.
  • Sharon Lee, Executive Director, Low Income Housing Institute (Seattle)
  • Ben Winter, Chief Housing Officer, Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti

Title IX Day: Dreaming big with the next generation of sports stars

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The sun may have been hiding, but that didn’t stop 300 middle-school girls from playing their hearts out with us at the Getty House Foundation’s annual Title IX Day celebration. Supported by Getty House Foundation and the LA84 Foundation,  Nike sponsored and powered this event to celebrate the landmark legislation that helped put women’s sports on the map. Nike supplied the basketballs, soccer balls, and yoga mats— while the students brought their A-game, and showed us all what “girl power” really looks like.


After warming up for their circuit rotations, the girls were treated to a visit by Paralympian track star Scout Bassett, whose story of perseverance and heart had us all on our feet. Together with First Lady Amy Elaine Wakeland’s reflection on growing up in the early days of Title IX, these stories were powerful reminders that when we double-down on our commitment to getting more girls on our courts and fields — especially those in our most underserved communities — there’s no limit to what they can achieve. And through Girls Play L.A., Los Angeles has done just that, doubling the number of girls who play sports at the City’s Recreation and Parks centers in just two short years — making today’s activities accessible to young Angelenos in every neighborhood. To learn more about girls’ sports programming in your community, visit