Engage LA: Drought Los Angeles


Mayor Garcetti, First Lady Amy Elaine Wakeland and the Getty House Board of Directors convened partners from across the City, including small businesses, Neighborhood Councils, corporate leaders, and local nonprofits to discuss the historic drought and L.A.’s challenge to transform itself to secure a more sustainable future.

The Mayor and special guests discussed his executive directive (issued last fall) asking for a 20% reduction in water use by 2017, the recently released Sustainability City pLAn and the launch of the Save the Drop water conservation awareness campaign. At this event, 2 new PSAs were debuted, narrated by Steve Carrell, Jamie Camil and scored by Moby. They encourage residents to take small steps everyday to curb their water use. To watch the PSAs visit:



Featured Panelists:
Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles
Moby, Musician and Activist
Felicia Marcus, Chair of the State Water Resources Control Board
Matt Petersen, Chief Sustainability Officer of the City of Los Angeles
Miguel Luna, Executive Director of Urban Semillas

Immigrant LA: Integrating New Angelenos Into the Future of Our City


President Obama’s historic executive action on immigration impacts Los Angeles more than any other city, affecting approximately 250,000 people. Mayor Garcetti led a panel with special guests Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, President & CEO of the California Community Foundation Antonia Hernandez, and LA City’s Chief of the Office of Immigrant Affairs Linda Lopez to discuss how LA’s leadership can make the largest such program in history a success for all Angelenos.

The Mayor announced the StepForwardLA campaign, a partnership with the California Community Foundation to raise $10 million (with the city offering in-kind city resources and services) for local community organizations to reach 100,000 eligible participants in DACA & DAPA.

At the event itself, over $3 million dollars in commitments were announced, including by the California Community Foundation, the California Endowment, and the Weingart Foundation.   The City will work with the County and LAUSD to expand their direct contact with LA’s eligible communities, share the importance of enrollment and information about the process, dispel myths and fears, and ultimately become trusted allies for families.

This was the seventh gathering in the Engage LA series.

Our Pacific Partnership: A conversation with Mayor Eric Garcetti after his trade mission to Asia


Mayor Garcetti discussed his November 2014 Asia trade mission, when he led a delegation of city government and business leaders to China, Korea and Japan. The Mayor was joined in conversation by the Honorable David Dreier, Chairman of the Annenberg- Dreier Commission at Sunnylands. Covering six cities in eleven days, the mission promoted Los Angeles as the ideal home for Pacific Rim investment, innovation, tourism and trade.

Our LA River: Revitalizing Communities Along the Heart of Our City

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Following Mayor Garcetti’s successful campaign for Alternative 20, a $1 billion U.S. Army Corps of Engineers plan to restore the Los Angeles River, he convened advocates and partners to discuss how every Angeleno can be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime transformation.

  • The Los Angeles River flows more than 51 miles through the City of Los Angeles and dozens of other vibrant communities. The conversion of the river to a concrete channel in the 1930s weakened the connections Angelenos once had with the waterway.
  • In 2007, the City approved the groundbreaking Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan which guides dozens of projects along the river and reflects a new understanding and respect for the river as a unique recreational and cultural resource.
  • In 2014, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recommended Alternative 20, a $1 billion plan that will transform the river from a concrete channel into a space for nature and recreation and create miles of open space within our dense urban area. Mayor Garcetti led the fight for Alternative 20, pushing for the measure with President Obama and senior White House officials, and 8,517 Angelenos signed the Mayor’s online petition in support of the plan.

Homefront Los Angeles: Opening Our City’s Arms to Our Veterans

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Los Angeles is home to the highest concentration of unemployed and homeless veterans in the country. In response to these challenges, Mayor Garcetti pledged to lead a united citywide effort to find employment for 10,000 veterans over the next two years and to end veteran homelessness by 2015. Mayor Garcetti convened private sector and philanthropic partners to discuss how our City can give these veterans the support they deserve. Past and ongoing initiatives include:

  • Veterans Hiring Initiative (10,000 Strong) – This initiative aims to connect 10,000 veterans with employment by 2017. Partnering with companies to assist L.A.’s veterans in finding employment, Los Angeles secured a $5 Million investment for Work Source Centers to ensure training resources are provided to veterans. To date, 1,543 jobs have been secured for veterans through this initiative.
  • LAUSD Military Child Identifier – In January 2014, Los Angeles partnered with LAUSD to update all registration and enrollment forms to include a question that asks every parent if he or she served in the military. Upon full implementation in the next year, this question will be asked of all 700,000 parents who enroll their children in LAUSD. With this data, the school district will be eligible for millions in federal military impact aid which can be used to provide supportive services to military-connected students and their families.
  • Passage of California Proposition 41, the California Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Bond Act – Mayor Garcetti served on the steering committee of Proposition 41 and was part of a strong coalition that ensured voter approval of the bill. The measure allocates $600 million toward the renovation and creation of multi-family affordable housing units solely for veterans throughout the state.
  • Partnership with 211 LA County Veterans Resources Portal – Los Angeles partnered with LA County 211 and USC to launch: LAVeteransPortal.com. The Portal is an innovative, web-based platform where veterans and their families can find housing, employment, mental health, and health care services. This portal has the most extensive and vetted directory of veterans services in the region.
  • “VetsGo511″ Mobile App – In an effort to better connect veterans to public transportation, we partnered with Metro to launch “VetsGo511.” The new mobile-enabled site is a one-stop source for veterans, active duty personnel, and military families to better access public transportation and supportive services in the Los Angeles region.
  • Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise Program (DVBE)—This partnership expands contracting opportunities for businesses owned by disabled veterans and helps veterans successfully bid on projects. The DVBE Program establishes a 3% contracting goal for all non-federally funded, competitively negotiated contracts for construction, goods or services over $100,000.
  • Veterans Business Summit – The first annual Veterans Business Summit helped veterans who are business owners or thinking about becoming business owners navigate various governmental application processes and improve upon their business plans. Veterans were also provided with services to assist in accessing capital.

Branding LA: Capturing Our Story for Visitors, Businesses, and Ourselves

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With guest speakers Kogi Food Truck Chef Roy Choi and Executive Director of the LA County Arts Commission Laura Zucker, Mayor Garcetti discussed a forthcoming branding initiative led by Los Angeles Convention Center Board President Jon Vein.

This branding effort seeks to highlight Los Angeles’ leadership in arts, cuisine, design, entertainment, and many other sectors that collectively make Los Angeles the creative capital of the world.

Mayor Garcetti spoke about the initiative’s goal to drive visitors and residents to support Los Angeles’ local businesses and diverse neighborhoods. To do this, a new brand architecture is being developed for the City in partnership with existing organizations while leveraging private sector partnerships for campaigns and dissemination through City agencies.

Summer of Success: LA Youth and the Power of a Summer Well Spent

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Joined by LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and NBA All-Star Baron Davis, Mayor Garcetti led a discussion and solicited strategic support for his new Summer of Success initiative encompassing three programs.

  • Hire LA’s Youth—This program offers young people, ages 14 to 24, the skills, mentorship, and work-readiness training they need to succeed and set them on a path to be lifetime earners. This year, Mayor Garcetti successfully doubled the number of youth hired under the program from 5,000 to 10,000.
  • Summer Night Lights—Based on a groundbreaking program piloted in Mayor Garcetti’s district during his time as a Councilmember, SNL provides communities with extended recreational, cultural, educational, and resource-based evening programming during the summer months.
  • Summer of Learning—This public-private partnership brings together an unprecedented coalition of organizations to offer connected learning technology and issue digital “badges” to students ages 3 to 24. These badges will help students further develop the knowledge and skills essential to their academic and professional success and ultimately increase their overall contribution to the local economy.

Los Angeles and Mexico: Partners for a Stronger Economy

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In advance of Mayor Garcetti’s first trade mission to Mexico, the Getty House Foundation hosted a discussion on how the private sector can be a partner in expanding cross-border ties. During the Mayor’s trip the following week he announced a number of major steps in expanding cross-border ties.

  • An Agreement with Mexico City to establish the Los Angeles – Mexico City International Cities Economic Alliance to develop and implement joint or coordinated initiatives in the areas of clean technology, information technology, sustainability, biomedical development, and  infrastructure development.
  • Panda Restaurant Group’s plan to open a total of 266 locations across Mexico.
  • A partnership between California State University, Northridge, and the National Autonomous University of Mexico to establish a Center for Mexico and Latin American Studies at CSUN.
  • A new scholarship for Mexican students to study law, engineering, communications, business, and architecture at USC in partnership with Bank of Mexico.
  • A partnership between Esperanza Azteca and the LAUSD after-school program Beyond the Bell to establish the first U.S. location for the Esperanza Azteca Mexican youth orchestra program at a LAUSD middle school.
  • An agreement between Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator and Green Momentum to establish a Global Innovation Network program.